Friday, March 28, 2014


Jada enjoys helping me cook! My little sous chef. When she was younger, I remember picking her up and sitting her on the counter, by the fridge.  She would play with her leap frog magnetic letters in between helping me mix and pour ingredients. Messes were made as she stirred and licked cake batter...actually I think more made it in her mouth. The bright red evidence was all over her beautiful face, in her hair, and all down her new pink outfit. So many memories were made in our kitchen through the years.

One particular day stands out more than any other. I was cooking dinner and Jada was playing with a tape know the safe ones, not the metal ones. No harm can come out of that, right? (Okay moms...don't judge). I would watch her twirl in her tutu, while wearing roller skates, as she pretended to be a ballerina. All while managing to unwind and wind the measuring tape. Those were the moments I enjoyed cooking the most.

Twirling Stopped
After several minutes, the twirling stopped and I heard choking. I glanced over in her direction, only to see my beautiful ballerina had twirled herself into a tangled mess. One end of the tape measure was hooked around the pantry door knob (her imaginary ballet partner) and the rest of the tape measure was wrapped around her neck. GASP!  I still have no idea how it happened or why she didn't stop twirling when she realized it was starting to wrap around her neck. She literally twirled until she could twirl no more. She was head to head with her imaginary ballet partner...aka...the pantry door knob. I ran over to her, telling her to stand very still. The more she moved or I pulled the tape measure, the tighter it became. I could see it starting to cut into her neck, as she continued choking. Honestly, I completely panicked instead of realizing how easy it was to untangle her. All I had to do was turn her body in the opposite direction. I seriously seem to lose all common sense when in panic mode.

Are your threads tangled
We are messy people. Our threads of life become tangled.  If we bring our tangled threads to God, we can be sure He will not panic, but will sort them out. 

What are you tangled in
Your thoughts?
Searching Answers?
Your future?
Your past?
Your purpose?

"God could untangle your soul, your story, your gifts, your people, your place, and your passions, and begin to weave it into purposes that you haven't been brave enough to imagine." 

I tend to overanalyze, which only gets me in the position of being stuck. I become immobile. Have you ever asked yourself too many questions and eventually talk yourself out of doing something that God could have blessed tremendously? Guilty. Been there, done that. 

Start allowing God to untangle your threads and weave it into His purpose. Get excited. Dream big! Live intentionally! Opportunities are endless with God. Don't allow yourself to become tangled...let God weave your threads into something amazingly beautiful!