Saturday, March 15, 2014

Empty Page

Have you ever been in a position where you have to write a story or a paper, but nothing comes to you...your thoughts are silent?  I have been sitting, for several days, trying to write my weekly blog.
I had nothing. 
Not even an idea. 
All I could do was stare at the empty page. Well, actually empty "notes" page on my phone. That way I could copy and paste straight into my blog app. Technology makes things more simple. Can I get an Amen! 

I was ready, with phone in hand and fingers ready to type, while waiting on God to give me an amazing revelation to share.
I still had nothing. 
Honestly, I was so desperate to type, that at one point I just started hitting a bunch of letters. I guess I thought they would mysteriously turn into words...then sentences...then a story for my blog. Miracles do still occur! 

This morning changed everything...
Today I woke up to an amazing and encouraging message, which changed my morning and sparked this blog. In my response to the message, I realized God is the one and only author of MY story! 

I may be writing my own blog, but God is writing my story, my life story.

I am beginning a new page in my life... A new story. We all know a story begins with blank pages and the author writes the story one word and thought at a time. God is the author of my story and I trust he will fill my empty pages with His words, his plans, his purpose for my life in this new chapter. 

Don't worry if your page is still empty. Do not randomly start making decisions to fill your own page and become your own author... That only leads to a jumbled mess. My attempt to fill an empty page with random letters only led me to erase the scrambled letters to have a new beginning...a fresh start.  

Be patient and allow God time to be the author of your beautiful story. Let Him fill your days, your pages! You HAVE a story! Give God your pen, (or iphone) and let him begin to fill your life, one story at a time!