Friday, February 28, 2014

Finding JOY in Chaos!

I went grocery shopping after work last night. I will be honest, grocery shopping is not on my list of things I love to do. 

The Shopping cart was full and the kids were helping me unload at the check out counter. Now, this is the moment I look to make sure the kids haven't randomly thrown something extra in to the cart. 

I was anxious to pay, and head home to spend time with my babies. I swiped my check card, only for the cashier to lean over and whisper the 4 dreaded words ...your card was denied. I looked at him and said, "let me try again". In my mind I am thinking, "There is obviously something wrong with the machine or this cashier messed something up." You know, trying to make myself feel better after being told my card was denied. Swiped it a second time...denied.  I said, "let me call the bank." Glanced at my was after five. That idea backfired.  I stood there for a minute thinking to myself. Then it came to me! I received a new check card in the mail two weeks ago because they believed my card had been "tampered with". I obviously forgot to activate the new card and now my old one did not work! Yikes! 

I asked if I could leave the cart of groceries there, run home and get my new card. Honestly, I felt seriously inconvenienced.  (Even though this was completely my fault by not switching to my new card.) I was tired and just wanted to spend, one night we had at home this week, with my loved ones. NOT running around activating my new card, only to drive back to the grocery store to pay for the groceries (that they were graciously holding for me.) Need I remind you, this situation was not helping the fact that grocery shopping is not my favorite. 

We drove home, found my new card, activated it and drove back to the grocery store. I Walked in and headed towards the costumer service desk. I was on a mission (for the second time) to get in and out quickly. There it was...the line...the never.ending.line.  I not only saw 1, not 2, but 12 people waiting in line.  At that moment in the grocery escapade, I was tempted to scream... "FIRE"....  This would have helped me move from costumer 13 to costumer 1 real quick! I decided against it (you know, didn't want to embarrass my children) and found myself waiting in the back of the line. Hello number 13! 

As I was standing there, looking at my groceries WAY in the front of the line, I remembered a conversation I had with Jada and Sky that very morning. Here was the conversation topic: we can always find JOY in any situation. Whoa! I needed to hear my own words. There is no exceptions... We literally can find JOY if we change our perspective in the situation. 
Perspective  (and yes, attitude)
After realizing Joy IS possible amongst the chaos, the grocery trip became an adventure instead of a drudgery. 

Look for joy AND change your perspective when life is not going as planned.  It is guaranteed to help you on the adventure of your daily life...even in those crazy, unplanned moments.  

Always be joyful. (1 Thessalonians 5:16)