Thursday, October 24, 2013

Don't fear the uncomfortable, embrace it.

Last winter Sky was excited about seeing snow. The only memory of snow he had, was looking through old pictures.  Right after we moved to Missouri, the weather forecast called for a huge snow storm.

On the day they predicted the snow storm, Sky sat in his boxers, with his nose pressed against the cold window waiting and waiting. The anticipation grew with every passing second...minute...hour. The moment he saw the first snow flake fall, he RAN out the front door. There he was, standing in the grass, with his arms outstretched, in ONLY his boxers, with a huge grin on his face as he felt the snow flakes fall on him.

He wasn't concerned about bundling  up to stay warm. (Obviously! He was in his boxers!) He wasn't worried about being cold and uncomfortable. He only had one focus...snow.

As this story came to mind today (probably because I am sitting here freezing) God began to remind me to keep my focus on HIM, even when things are uncomfortable. Is God asking you to get uncomfortable for Him?

Lets get uncomfortable, run to where God calls, raise our arms in worship and anticipate feeling His relentless love fall down on us! Don't fear the uncomfortable, embrace it!