Monday, September 30, 2013

It "dus thangs"...

My brother’s birthday is this week and I have been trying to decide what to get him.  I started searching online and came across an Inspector Gadget doll on Ebay.  This brought back my favorite Christmas memory. My brother begged for the Inspector Gadget.  Not just any Inspector Gadget, he wanted the Inspector Gadget with 8 magic action features AND 20 moving parts.

My Mom and Dad bought him the exact Inspector Gadget he asked for.  I knew he was getting this gift. (I was really good at keeping secrets.)  Christmas morning I figured out exactly which box the Inspector Gadget was in.  I remember barely opening my gifts because I did not want to miss him opening the amazing Inspector Gadget.  I was full of anticipation and did not take my eye off of him for one second. Finally, he reached for THE gift.  That was it, the moment I had been waiting for all morning. I completely stopped what I was half way opening and focused on Shawn. I began bouncing around in my little Christmas Pajamas, so excited for my big brother.  He began to unwrap his gift and I just could not hold it in ANY longer.  Now, let me pause here and explain that when I was younger my accent was stronger than it is today. I was country through and through.   I said “Shaaawn, if you just open it, it dus thangs, shaaawn.”   Shawn still ripping paper off, and very slowly might I add.  So, I decided I would bounce over closer and help him!  I was so excited for him to see what was in the box!  I began to get louder and say, “Shaaawn it dus things, just open it up and it will do thangs. It dus thangs Shaaawn, it dus thangs.”  (We go back and watch this on video and I probably say that phrase at least 15 times.) He finally opens the box and pulls out the Inspector Gadget.  He smiled so big and his eyes grew bigger when he saw it was the exact one he asked for… The Inspector Gadget with the 8 magic features and 20 parts.   

The gift I am most excited about is the gift of Jesus. I want people to open the gift and see all the things He will do in their life.  He is joy, peace, strength, comforter, forgiver, guide, security and so much more.  I am still like the bouncing little girl in her Christmas Pajamas, looking on with anticipation as I share the gift (Jesus) with others!  I am thankful for all the ways HE has shown up in my life! Jesus “dus thangs” in my life and will do things in yours!