Tuesday, May 13, 2008


My husband and I found out we were pregnant 5 months after we got married. We were very excited when we heard the news. I began to get morning sickness. The kind of sickness that lasted all day and never went away. Five months into the pregnancy we went for an ultrasound to find out if we were having a boy or a girl. I will NEVER forget that day. After the the nurse looked at the screen for a while she said, "I will be back, I am going to find your doctor." I knew something was not right. The doctor came back in and told us our daughter had gastroschisis. Which meant my babies intestines were on the outside. As you could imagine I was scared and confused. I had never heard of this before. They immediately sent us to a specialist.

When I went home I did so much research so I would be prepared for the worst. Well, in all honesty, you are never prepared as much as you want to be. Skipping ahead a few months, my husband flew out to Texas to lead a youth revival at my brothers church. It was a few months before the due date so did not think much of him being gone. One morning while he was away I did not feel my baby kick. (I had to count the baby's kicks every time after I ate.) I called my doctor and they wanted me to come in. At that point I called my husband and told him the news and not to worry. That is where our journey began!

When I arrived they did all kinds of tests and tried to get my little Jada to move. They ended up doing an amnio. Which was not too bad, but I sure was nervous at first. When the results were in the doctor came and told me they had to take her in 24 hours. At that time I was only 31 weeks along. I called my husband and told him to find the quickest flight home that he had 24 hours before they were going to take her. A few hours later I began to get a fever and have really bad pack pain. I will never forget the doctor came in and sat down on the side of my bed and put his hand on my legs and said in a calm voice, "I know your husband is not here yet, but we have to take her NOW." He explained to me that I was starting to get an infection and the c-sec had to be immediately. When he left the room I broke down and just lost it. Not only was my baby coming 9 weeks early and no time for steroid shots for her lungs, my husband was in another state! I am sure the entire hospital heard me grieving. Literally right after the doctor left the nurses came in prepping me for surgery.

(Sorry this is my longest post ever...I am even cutting parts out.) My precious mom was able to be with me while my daughter Jada was born. I did not get to see her until the next day because they hid her from me on the way out for her surgery...she was not breathing. After she was born, she had immediate surgery to try and fit her intestines back in her tiny tiny belly. I had just had a 2lb 13oz baby girl! At that time I had no idea what was in store. Here daddy made it back in time to see her right after her surgery. He has a great story on his blog what happened on his journey to try and get back home.

Jada's surgery went well and they were able to fit it all back in on the first surgery. She has a homemade belly button which looks like a swirl and we say God made her a special swirly!

The first time I saw her I was overwhelmed with so many emotions, I just began to cry. I was so thankful that God took care of my baby girl and I knew I had to have faith that she was going to be okay. She had a long hard road ahead of her. We were in the NICU for 7 weeks. The hardest thing I ever had to do was leave her there at night. She had really good days and then had days we didn't know if she was going to make it. She would take a step forward and the next day step back 10 steps. What a trying time in our life. God taught me patience and gave me unbelievable strength through those times. God gave me a scripture during this time that I claim for her everyday. This scripture still brings me to tears. "My peace I leave you, my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid." God is PEACE! God taught me so much and now I am able to talk with others that are going through a difficult time. God uses every circumstance for His glory.

Her only struggles now are with asthma, breathing treatments everyday, and we battle pneumonia every year. (From her having undeveloped lungs) I could not ask for a more beautiful healthy child! God is so good and has so blessed my husband and I more than I could ever imagine.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Plants or Weeds

Today after church, while the kids were taking a nap, I decided to go out and work in the yard. It was such a beautiful day outside! I like to go out and work in the yard because it is such a peaceful time for me. It is a time where I am alone and can spend time with God. As I picked and pulled the weeds I began to pray. I prayed for my husband, my children, and our future. I thanked God for who He is and how He is so faithful to me and my family. I thanked God for giving me patience this last year as I waited on Gods direction for my family.

As I was pulling, picking, and praying a thought came to mind. I was really working on this one weed it would not come out. I tried to twist it and dig, but it was a really hard one to get out. Then I looked over at the flower plant that was right next to that weed. I thought am I a blooming plant or a weed. A lot of times in our life we are like weeds. We are stuck and are very hard to pluck or move. Sometimes when God tells us to move in one direction we want to stay planted and the longer we are there the harder it is for us to listen to God. On the other hand we can also be like the beautiful plant that grows. God waters and feeds us as we continue to grow spiritually. When we have blossomed and God asks us to move in another direction, if we are like the plant, we can be easily dug up and replanted.

I want to be in the center of Gods will and be obedient to His words. God is calling our family to pick up and be replanted! I know that God has planned every step for us. My prayer is to be totally dependent on Him and have faith that God is in control!